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Dear Judoka,

The EJU has been proactive in the field of Judo Knowledge and Knowledge based Coach Preparation, and after many years of research and discussions launched the Block Route Coach Qualification (BRCQ) in collaboration with a leading University. The BRCQ is a combination of Distance Learning with intensive residential periods.

From our studies we found out that most of the Judoka who had a large baggage of Judo experience, some of them Olympic, World and Continental Champions and who were eager to further their studies and qualifications in the Coaching Profession, did not have the time to enrol in a 3 year residential coach qualification course. We also noticed that most coaching degrees were generic and dealt with generic coaching and the sport of Judo was minimal.

There was another factor we had to deal with; this was the level of qualifications, from our research we found that the qualification standards around Europe varied. Fortunately in 1999 the Bologna Process was signed. The purpose of the Bologna Process (or Bologna Accords) is to create the European Higher Education Area by making academic degree standards and quality assurance standards more comparable and compatible throughout Europe, in particular under the Lisbon Recognition Convention.

Once the standardisation of the courses was being catered for by the Bologna Process, we turned our attention to the “contextualisation” of the courses. We wanted the Judo Coaches to graduate studying Judo. After discussions with the University of Bath, they agreed to deliver their Foundation degree (FdSc) contextualised in Judo, that is the 3 year course subjects will be relevant to Judo.

In 2005 we launched the 4th Level Performance Judo Coach Certificate Foundation Degree in Sport (Sports Performance) and in 2007 we followed with the 18 month 5th Level High Performance Judo Coach Certificate, BSc (Hons) in Sport (Sports Performance). Now in 2010, we have a new academic partner for the 4th and 5th Levels, Anglia Ruskin University, in Cambridge, UK. They have approved two brand new qualifications; the 4th Level Performance Judo Coach Certificate Foundation Degree in Sports Coaching (European Judo Union), and the 5th Level High Performance Judo Coach Certificate BSc (Hons) in Sports Coaching (European Judo Union).

There was a growing demand for a lower qualification and a course which introduced the students to the online studies, so in collaboration with The Judospace Educational Institute, a leading provider of judo related educational programmes, last year; we developed the 3rd Level Advanced Judo Coach Diploma.

We now had a 3rd level diploma course and two degree level courses for the 4th and 5th level all related to performance judo coaching.

In January 2009 we started communication with Tor Vergata University in Rome Italy to deliver a 6th Level Masters in Judo. We are happy to say that this Masters will start in January 2011 and bookings have already started. The Masters will be in Judo for Children, Adult teaching in Judo and Competition. We are already considering a specialisation in the Masters for the teaching of Judo for the disabled.

You will find all details you require in our website by following this link: www.judoknowledge.org  

Very soon we will be adding another section with Medical Updates from our Medical Commission, with interesting presentations delivered at the annual EJU Medical Seminar. It is planned that we will also be exhibiting a virtual Medical Poster exhibition in this section.

In case you want to contact us, write to us on gs@eju.net attention JudoKnowledge.


Envic Galea

Chairman JudoKnowledge U&I Commission